The Plantune system is offered as a service. You pay for time-based access to the system with no additional investments required. This approach significantly reduces risks usually connected with the implementation of a new system. In this way, companies can incorporate the advantages of Plantune into their processes on their own terms.

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With Plantune you will always know the answers to these questions:

  1. What is reliability, utilization and effectiveness measured 30 days from now?
  2. When can we actually dispatch this order?
  3. What is the customer-centric manufacturing queue for this workplace?
  4. Will the capacity levels get overloaded or, on the other hand, even utilized?
  5. Will this batch end in a warehouse or at the customer?
  6. How much material will we actually need?
  7. What production should we release today?
  8. When and how much material will be missing?
  9. How will all the deadlines be met?
  10. Given the current situation, what is the best way to run of the manufacturing process?

Price: $1490 USD per month
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Terms and conditions

What you get

  • Latest version of Plantune system (online access)
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Unlimited secured data transfers and optimization analyses
  • Phone and e-mail customer support (5×8)
  • Help with ERP implementation (phone/email)

What we need from you

  • Data from your ERP (we will guide you)

What the next steps are

  • Make an order through an online form
  • You will receive info about payment details
  • When the payment is confirmed, we will send you your user details and logins

How our cooperation will continue

  • You send your ERP data for analysis and after analysis, you can use the results based on our sophisticated planning calculations
  • Customer support is always as close as the nearest phone or computer
  • By paying $1490 USD, you accept the continuation of our deal for another month, no risks attached